October 29, 2001, Monday. Ural dealer. Belgium girls & lows.

We woke up, have a breakfast and continue our adventure. When we passed about 500 meters when I found that our speedometer was out of order. We arrived to next stop and begins to explore the map, how far is the Ural dialer in Germany (that was the main dialer in Germany, we found its address in Berlin). At that moment I replaced two lamps inside the speedometer, so now it would have nice green background light at dark time. We also found that speedometer is Ok but the wire rope from transmission is broken. We already replaced one and I didnt have the other.

Xavier found that the Ural dialer is just 10km away from our location. We immediately turn back and easily found the correct way.

Im standing near the dialers workshop. Rather big one.

Visit this site to read about racing in Tunis, see photos and order your Ural!


Inside we found very nice showroom and many interesting things.


We spend a lot of time inside. We introduced with the owner of company (Udo Haubrich) and all employers (may be not with all but with the most). There is a very nice girl worked there like a mechanic. She is very impressed me, because I never saw before a girl in such position.

We also introduced with guy named Dima. He is from Kazakhstan, Russia but now he is working and living in Germany. He is also a mechanic.

Every body was busy with special Ural, which is prepared for rally in Tunis. Today is the last day and they still adjusting some spare parts. Rally Ural has special engine with Porsche valves and cylinders. And clutch from BMW. The only Russian detail was name Ural and general view. Also they left the drum-breaks. I asked why, because disk-breaks are much better, but the owner said that they want to keep the original view of motorcycle. You MUST check this photos!

The ORIGINAL German owner of Russian motorcycle Ural:

We bought several things from this Ural dealer, saw some books about Ural, including book about one guy that made a world trip on Ural, and finally said good buy.

We decided to have a dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Very nice food. After dinner, right near this small restaurant we decided to install the rings (thats was broken in Russia and which we bought at Ural dealer). We spend some time with this terrible rings and  finally we install then. I proposed not to install them at all (if we cross half of Europe with out this rings, we could cross the other half with out them also) but Xavier insist.

After we finish this we again decided to visit the dealer to buy special screw-nut for valves. (its special because of non standard threading step. So, we bought them, Andrew agreed to check out our valves and little bit adjust them.

Again we said good buy and continue our way.

We enter the Belgium!!! No control on board. This is a good result of United Europe. We couls see just empty building on board.

Belgium is the only country in Europe where all road has lights. (As Xavier told me). After some time we understand that we select the wrong direction. At the gasoline station we asked about the right way.

At this stop Xavier do not fasten the atlas of roads well, so we didnt found them on next stop. It was not good, because the address and the phone of Andrew from German dialer center was there.

Xavier spend a LOT of time, trying to find the cheap Formula 1 hotel. Several times we drove here and there, trying to find its location.

We stop near the magazine with large windows and beautiful girl in light dress. (that was a prostitute. There was several shops like this near the road). Xavier went inside to ask here a way. Later, Xavier told me that girl was very happy when he come in. And she was very disappointed when he just ask here a way!

Finally, we found that hotel. But we can check in. It was a note on the card-machine near the entrance (computer, that must read your credit card) that according to Belgium lows, a person must check your ID, before you may use your credit card. And the person would be here (at work place) at 10am. The problem was only that we arrived at 1am. And we want to sleep!

We saw two persons (the man and woman) get out from the hotel (I think that we understand what they are doing at the room). Xavier proposed to ask them if it is possible to take there room, but I said that this was not a good idea. Then Xavier proposed to have a sleep just in the street. In general this was a good idea, but I said no at that moment.

So, we come back and took a room in other (4 star) hotel. It was not very good but was the most expensive during our trip.

Already in the hotel, at the bed, we remember the girl in the show-window at the building near the road. We should stay with here!!

I just what to add, that today we passed rather long distance. Its unusual, because typically we didnt pass a lot of kilometers! And while we search the Formula 1 hotel we made 100km!

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